Robert Pattinson is really trying to pull away from typecasting as a vampire with some really interesting career choices; so the news that he is now attached to star in the Jean-Stephane Sauvaire-directed true story psychological thriller Mission: Black List, will surprise few.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying Pattinson will take the lead role of Army interrogator Eric Maddox, the man who "spearheaded the capture of Saddam Hussein by playing a key role in pinpointing his hideout." Makes a change from all those "I shot Bin Laden" movies knocking around at the moment in preproduction. Maddox co-wrote a book on his experiences with a chap called Davin Seay and the film will work a script from that book.

The actor stars in the David Cronenberg helmed Cosmopolis next, which will play at Cannes in the next couple of weeks.