Robert Pattinson has just signed on to appear opposite the amazing (and beautiful) Carey Mulligan in Hold On To Me. Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it, Kristen. As per Empire Online, this flick (originally given the title Nancy and Danny, centres on the story of a woman who turns to crime in order to win over the man of her dreams. Y'know I'd probably turn to petty crime myself if it'd give me a shot with Mr R-Patz. Break into a few fancy gafs; nothing major.
Like pretty much everything else these days, Hold On To Me is based on a true story; one of a woman whose big-city dreams fail to materialize. Things go somewhat awry after she plots to kidnap the richest man in town with her accomplice boyfriend. Sh*t gets real when they bury him in a box.

This shouldn't be too much of a challenge for Pattinson; he stars here as an old flame of Mulligan's and someone she just can't seem to get over. It wouldn't be the first time he charmed the pants off his leading lady, that's for sure. Once Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out, Pattinson has a number of projects coming up that look promising. Next year he'll be busy filming this, David Michod's Rover and also Mission Blacklist.

What's makes this development even more exciting is that James Marsh (Oscar winning director of Man On Wire and the recent Shadow Dancer) will be at the helm. We had the pleasure of catching up with Marsh during the promotional time for Shadow Dancer. You can listen to that podcast here.