Robert Downey Jr. has spewed about the status of Iron Man 3, which his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black is helming.

The actor said at the Brazilian Premiere of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows , "I think that we have an opportunity with the third Iron Man to make the best of the three, and maybe one of the better superhero movies that’s ever been made. But I think we have to remember what made the first one good. It was very character-driven. It was very odd. It was kind of outrageous. And so I think we have to have the courage to trust that the audience is really kind of cool, and smart." He also spoke about the possibility of working with Tim Burton as Gepetto in a take on Pinocchio, "I want to talk to him about it, yeah! C’mon, it’s Tim Burton." Yes, Robert, and you're not Johnny Depp. Remind him of that. 

Shane Black has not directed a film since 'Kiss' and that in itself is a damn travesty. That man is one of the finest screenwriters in Hollywood, and had a brilliant debut feature there. Like you'd need another reason to be excited about