Robert Downey Jr clearly knows what works when it comes to making money at the movies (have you seen how much cash Iron Man 3's been raking in at the Box Office?) so it's hardly surprising that he's set to reunite with Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director (and Iron Man 3 co-star while we're at it) Jon Favreau. The pair will team up far away from the comic book world in brand new comedy-drama Chef.

Written and directed by Favreau himself, Chef tells the tale of a cook who loses his job, and winds up with a whole new list of priorities. Between getting in touch with his inner 'artiste' and setting up a food truck, he also tries to rekindle his relationship with his estranged family.

Rumour has it that Blue Blood and Will&Grace star Bobby Cannavale will join the boys for the film, and more intriguingly, so too will Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family star is the highest paid actress on TV these days, so it'll be rather interesting to see how that translates to the silver screen. It's a damn pity they don't make behind the scenes documentaries about films like these because the financial sway this cast holds could result in some serious paycheck-based cat-fights. Vergara versus Downey Jr? Now that we'd pay to see. She's a feisty Latina lady, but Downey Jr has been to prison so it couldn't but make for an excellent dirty fight.

Also joining the cast is John Leguizamo (Carlito's Way, Moulin Rouge). One Italian and two Latin Americans? Tthis film is going to be hot-blooded as hell, but with production still in the early stages all that we can do is imagine Downey cooking for us, or better yet imagine him cooking us breakfast in bed...