Although he'll always be Darren in Love / Hate to us, Robbie Sheehan's career has gone from strength to strength since then.

He's currently in Fortitude alongside Dennis Quaid and Game of Thrones' Michelle Fairley, and he's now signed on to star in the Peter Jackson scripted / produced adaptation of the popular YA series, The Mortal Engines. Joining him is Moone Boy's Ronan Raftery, who also starred in last year's Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

Although Jackson is not involved in directing, he's tapped Christian Rivers - one of the visual effects gurus from Jackson's Weta Digital studio - to take on the role. The source novel is set thousands of years in the future after a war which devastated much of Earth's resources. Humanity now survives in giant, moving cities that traverse the planet in search of food, water and life.

The first novel is the first in a series of four and it's likely that if The Mortal Engines performs well at the box office, the other three will be put into production. Filming is due to begin in New Zealand in the coming months with an expected release date of December 14th, 2018.


Via Variety