For those that don't know or have never watched Super Troopers, here's a quick summary.

It's essentially about a bunch of state troopers working in a small border town near Canada who fight with police and get into all sorts of mishaps and misadventures. You're thinking that doesn't sound all that funny, but trust us - it is that funny.

And much, much more. Released back in 2001, Super Troopers went on to become a cult hit and its director and co-star, Jay Chandrasekhar, went on to direct some classic TV comedies like Arrested Development, Community,  New Girl and... uh... the Dukes Of Hazzard remake.

Anyway, most people thought that a sequel to Super Troopers would never happen, but after a hugely successful IndieGoGo campaign and a deal with Fox Searchlight to distribute, it's happened - Super Troopers 2 is real and, what's more, Deadline reports that Rob Lowe is in it.

Chandrasekhar directed Lowe in a couple of episodes of The Grinder, a legal comedy series that was cancelled after one season, which is presumably where they met and so on. As well as Lowe, country legend Willie Nelson is also expected to be appearing in the film in a cameo role, as the Broken Lizard troupe - that's the comedy group who worked on the first one and this one - were brought up on stage during one of 'Ol Willie's recent concerts.

No release date has been confirmed for Super Troopers 2, but it's expected for some time before the end of the year, possibly early 2017.


Via Deadline