'Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker' is most definitely getting a mixed reception.

While we gave the flick a 4-star review, critics are feeling split about the sci fi epic. 'Rise of Skywalker' currently stands (at the time of writing) at 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, the lowest rating of the new trilogy. Audiences are just as fractured about the movie, it would seem, as reflected in last weekend's opening box office figures.

The movie managed to top the domestic box office with its $176 million take-in. It made $90 million on its first day (December 19th), including $40 million from Thursday night previews, giving it the sixth-highest opening day of all-time. It also had the third-best ever opening for December and 12th-best all-time.

However its totals still come to the lowest opening weekend of the new trilogy after Saturday saw a 47% drop in sales from Friday's gross.

'The Force Awakens' brought in $247 million in its opening weekend, and 'The Last Jedi' made $220 million.

Globally, the ninth and final chapter of the 'Skywalker saga' made $374 million.

It's quite possible that audiences are simply fatigued with 'Star Wars' at this stage. Moreover the negative reception of its previous installment, 'The Last Jedi', didn't do the latest chapter any favours.

The fact that last Saturday was the busiest shopping day of the year has also been accredited with affecting sales.

And just in case you're wondering whether 'Cats' took some box office attention from it, the critically panned musical made only $11 million at the box office last weekend. Meowch.