So Rihanna wants a role in the new Scarface film. Lolz. No really, we're not even joking. Universal Pictures are planning to make a movie which will apparently not be a straight up remake but something loosely based on elements of both the 1932 version by Howard Hughes and of course Brian De Palma's 1983 drama with the always awesome Al Pacino. David Ayer is currently penning the script.

A source tells The Sun, "Rihanna loves Scarface. Some of her music videos have been based on Michelle [Pfeiffer]'s character, Elvira... She knows all the words and even has her walk perfected." So she can walk the walk, and talk the talk, but does she really have the chops to take on something of this magnitude? *shakesheadfromsidetoside*

Now she wasn't as bad as we expected in her Battleship debut, but we'd like to continue associating Scarface with the likes of Pacino and his pals; not a singer who tweets like she's off her mush half the time. Why can't these performers just stick at what they do best? It's just plain greedy, if you ask me.

Scarface, as you know, centres on the rise and inevitable fall of an immigrant who becomes a major underworld crime lord whose personal weaknesses lead to his demise.