Although we were fans of 'Alien: Covenant' and enjoyed it as the best of the 'Alien' franchise in many years, there's still been no word if Ridley Scott will ever get to finish the story off once and for all.

However, Empire Magazine has seen excerpts from John Logan's screenplay - titled 'Alien: Awakening' and the plot details sounds... not great. Per Empire, Logan's script would have found David - Michael Fassbender's clinically insane android - on LV-426. The Engineers, who featured heavily in 'Prometheus', would be hunting David across the planet, though no other casting was confirmed.

Obviously, Michael Fassbender would be the leading man, but beyond that, the casting seems sketchy at best. Katherine Waterston, who just about survived, 'Alien: Covenant', seems unlikely to return. Not only that, how would you expand out a cast with a story like that? Does another band of survivors arrive on LV-426? Isn't that just the same as 'Alien: Covenant' and its story?

At any rate, the whole thing seems kind of moot as the franchise appears to be lying dormant for now, and given how it's a part of the Fox-Disney merger, there'll likely be something happening with it in the near future.