As much as we love Ridley Scott, his work of late has been crushingly disappointing.

Prometheus, in particular, was a huge letdown for us. We went in with such high hopes and, sadly, they were dashed upon the shores of a terrible script and some piss-poor acting. Despite the negative critical reception, a sequel's been in the works for quite some time. There hasn't been much on it as of yet, however it's just now been revealed that the sequel to Prometheus won't necessarily be a sequel as such.

According to Ridley Scott, Prometheus 2 will actually be titled...(drum-roll)



(still drum-roll)

Alien: Paradise Lost.

Yeah, we can't figure that one out either. A recent interview, again by Scott, suggested that it would take up three MORE Prometheus films before the link between the two would be bridged. But, if this title is anything to go by, why three more films to get it there? And what's the Paradise Lost thing all about?

We know there's an epic poem by John Milton called Paradise Lost which focuses on the fall of Man in the Bible, set primarily in the Garden of Eden and the temptation of Adam and Eve by Satan. So... we're guessing there's something to go with... the Engineers from Prometheus? Who knows.

Here's the video in which Scott announces the title to HeyUGuys.


Via YouTube / HeyUGuys