...Aaaaaaand we're out.

Sir Ridley Scott has dropped out of the proposed Blade Runner sequel, stating that he'll instead serve as an executive producer.

Scott, who is also working on a Prometheus sequel, will still be working on the screenplay alongside Hampton Fancher and David Peoples, who both worked on the original screenplay as well.

Scott also teased plot details, mentioning that Harrison Ford's character - Rick Deckard - will be a central character in the film, however he won't turn up until the third act.

It's not yet known who'll step in as director, although Scott is certain that the film will enter production in 2015 with an expected release date of 2016.

Who would we like to replace Scott? Duncan Jones. He directed the desperately-underseen Moon and he's working on what could potentially be the best videogame movie, Warcraft.

Not only that, Jones' next original film was allegedly influenced by Blade Runner and he's been on record before about his love of Blade Runner.

However, a Blade Runner sequel just doesn't sit right with us. We were iffy about it from the start, but now that Scott is out, we can't see a reason why this should be kept going.

Blade Runner was a standalone story. It had a beginning, a middle and an end - an open one, sure. But an ending nonetheless.

Not only that, it's been over thirty years. As much an influence Blade Runner was, trying it again doesn't make sense.



via Guardian.co.uk