It's been almost eleven years since we last saw David Brent in an official capacity, but here at last, he's finally back on our screens.

Ricky Gervais' upcoming comedy, Life On The Road, follows the hapless Brent as he attempts to tour the country with his band, Foregone Conclusion. Told in a similar fashion to The Office, the film follows Brent as he travels England and tries to relaunch his career as a musician.

Gervais has been working on the songs for the film for almost a year now, with Coldplay's Chris Martin contributing to the soundtrack in some fashion.

So, thoughts? Look, it's great that Gervais is going back to The Office as it's a classic. The fact, however, that he's deciding to go it alone and without Stephen Merchant is a little bit worrying. The dynamic between the two is what made The Office work.

It's not that he's any worse or better without Merchant, but it's definitely a vital component in his writing and not having that is taking a risk. It's understood that no other members of The Office will appear in the documentary, although it's entirely possible we might see a sneaky cameo here and there.

A release date is scheduled for August 2016 and, hopefully, we'll have a trailer pretty shortly.


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