So after all of the hoopla, press and general hyperbolic behaviour of the entertainment scribes (and some movie stars), Ricky Gervais has been confirmed to be returning as the host of the Golden Globes for the third time.

Gervais announced via his twitter page that he would be returning to emcee the event again, after last year's show pulled in 17 million viewers - and stayed in the press for months afterwards. Calling Bruce Willis "Ashton Kutcher's Dad" making cracks about "famous, gay Scientologists," and generally taking irreverent aim at anyone worth abusing, no matter how famous they were, made the show easily the best awards gig since David Letterman's hilarious Oscar job in the 90s. It was probably joking about how event organisers, The Foregin Hollywood Press, were "bribed" to nominate the heavily derided Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie starrer, The Tourist, that really pissed them off though. Regardless, the network broadcasting the show, NBC, loved the job Gervais did and heavily pushed for him to come back.

Personally, Gervais teasing us with a no holds barred live podcast with the great Louis CK raised the bar too high for me. I'm disappointed he's hosting now, but I still doubt he'll be in any way muted - expect the abuse to probably be worse this year.