If there's one thing nobody expected from The Last Jedi, it's the sheer volume of backlash that the film's received since its release.

While none of it necessarily comes down to deleted or excised scenes - well, maybe the absence of a backstory for Snoke (but it makes sense when you consider the Emperor didn't really have one either) - Rian Johnson nevertheless confirmed to Digital Spy that there won't be any extended edition with these scenes added in.

According to Johnson, there's quite a few and what's more, one of the scenes ended up in the trailer. In the clip where Rey is charging with her lightsaber drawn, she was apparently charging towards what she thinks are pirates attacking the fish-nuns on Ahch-To, but is actually just some sort of weird beach party thing with glowsticks. Yes, really.

Another scene  sees John Boyega - dressed as a First Order officer - attempting to intimidate a Stormtrooper in an elevator. That Stormtrooper? None other than Tom Hardy. According to /Film, Hardy recognises Finn - and makes it seem like the First Order has kept news of his defection a secret.

There's some other interesting scenes that were left out, including one where Captain Phasma - played by Gwendoline Christie - shoots a number of Stormtroopers who are considering fleeing Snoke's ship, The Supremacy, in an apparent homage to Sergio Leone's Once Upon A Time In The West.

You can read /Film's full report here.


Via /Film/ Digital Spy