20th Century Fox have officially begun readying a Deadpool spin-off with the brilliant Ryan Reynolds attached to star. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds had basically two scenes to impress and was still one of the best things about the entire film, so this is very good news that Fox are giving him his own movie. No word on a director yet, as the film is just going out to writers, but Fox are apparently looking to do another origins story. The character Deadpool is widely considered a fan favourite in the Marvel Universe, and in one instalment of the comic, Reynolds is actually mentioned in a description of the character. If they go down this route they really need to get some solid talent behind the camera; this is perfect casting, but that means nothing if they don't get a helmer who grasps the comedy, darkness, action and brilliance of the source material. I'm cautiously optimistic that Reynolds finally has the right star vehicle that will do his eclectic talent justice.