Is there such a dearth of good, original scripts in Hollywood that we're forced to put up with remake after remake? It has emerged that the 1988 John Carpenter film They Live!, about a down on his luck construction worker who discovers that he has sunglasses that can see aliens, is being remade. While ordinarily I'm a-okay with any film being made which features magic sunglasses, one has to wonder if this remake is a little pointless. Joining that on the recycling line will be a remake of the Dudley Moore movie Arthur, which will star everyone's favourite prank phone caller Russell Brand in the title role. Also keep your eyes peeled for a remake of the 1984 Michael Douglas action romp Romancing The Stone, the Zac Efron starring Footloose, along with the likes of Porkies, Friday The 13th, Meatballs, The Evil Dead, The Birds, Death Wish and, believe it or not, Short Circuit. One can only assume that Hollywood didn't fully explore the intricate character complexities of Johnny 5 in the initial two Short Circuit movies.

-John Balfe