As of writing, we are able to confirm that Jack Black is alive and well.

Furthermore, we can also confirm that anyone who says otherwise is a stinking liar and deserve to be told so. The reason for this centres around a pair of tweets sent by Tenacious D's official Twitter account earlier today, most likely from hackers who broke in.

The tweets, which are still visible as of now, say that Jack Black passed away last night at 3.37AM, followed by another tweet with a hashtag saying #RIPJackBlack. Again, all of this came from Tenacious D's real, verified Twitter account - as the screenshots below show.

The account then posted a number of the usual, daft-as-sh*t tweets about who knows what, just confirming the whole thing is a hoax.

How ELSE do we know he's not dead? For one, there'd be an official confirmation. Secondly, these Twitter death hoaxes are incredibly common. Thirdly, more than a few people have taken to Twitter to verify actually seeing him alive past his supposed time of death.

Fourthly, YOU CAN'T KILL THE METAL. So yes, Jack Black is alive and well and we've got many years still to go. Be well, Jack Black. We loved you in High Fidelity.


Via Twitter