Another day, another live-action remake of a well-loved animated character from yesteryear.

This time, Reese Witherspoon will be donning the fairy wings and shrinking down to a miniature size for a live-action film of Peter Pan's fairy companion, Tinkerbell.

No director has been attached as yet, however Finding Dory scribe Victoria Strouse has been hired to look after writing duties whilst Witherspoon and producing partner Bruna Papandrea will be shepherding it to the big screen.

While Disney are not yet involved in this, it's understood that they're basing the angle upon Angelina Jolie's Maleficent. In other words, it's the "untold story" of a well-known literary character.

What sets this apart from Maleficent, however, is that the budget is expected to rather modest compared to the blockbuster figures Maleficent worked at.

No release date has been set, however we can expect it some time in 2017.

Witherspoon will also be starring in astronaut drama Pale Blue Dot, which she's also signed on to star and direct.