Get your aca-selves ready, because it looks like 'Pitch Perfect 4' might be getting made. 

'Pitch Perfect' brought acapella singing groups to mainstream audiences when it hit cinemas in 2012, and with a stellar cast including Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Elizabeth Banks, and Adam DeVine, the film quickly became one of the biggest film franchises of recent years. Now, it's been teased that the "pitches" might be back for a fourth instalment. 

In what looked like a mini 'Pitch Perfect' reunion for stars Anna Camp and Skylar Astin's birthdays, Wilson has tweeted a picture with a massive clue on what she's working on next:

Naturally, the tweet has fans pitch-slapping themselves with excitement, and people are looking for more details immediately:




The film hasn't yet been confirmed as definitely going into production yet, but it looks like fans of the films definitely wouldn't mind a fourth instalment as soon as possible. 

Elizabeth Banks, who is credited as a Producer on all previous films, and even directed 'Pitch Perfect 2', is currently caught up filming the reboot of 'Charlie's Angels' for the next few months - so if she wanted to have any involvement in this news film, the cast might have to wait a while before filming can begin. Sadly, this means that we might have to wait until 2020 (at least) before the movie would be released in cinemas.

To tide you over until we get more information on 'Pitch Perfect 4', here's a throwback to The Bellas' first offering to get you excited about the prospect of more pitch-related jokes coming your way soon.