You may recall a while back that Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller were both attached to a new, big screen version of The Hardy Boys to be directed by Shawn Levy - who one of our writers, Caroline Foran interviewed last week for his latest movie, Real Steel. The helmer spoke honestly with about the proposed comedy with Cruise and Stiller and why it didn't happen.

"The Hardy Men is the greatest movie I haven’t yet made." He told Collider "And it is the thing I get asked about most. We never cracked the script. In spite of some noble efforts with myself and Tom [Cruise] and Ben [Stiller] and a few different writers, we never cracked it. We still haven’t cracked it. We can’t make it until we crack it…" He also spoke about why he never took on DC comic book movie, The Flash, despite being attached to it in 2007. Saying he didn't yet feel ready and wanted some more films under his belt first.

Real Steel is released in Ireland on October 14th and Caroline's interview with both Hugh Jackman and Levy will be live around then.