The awards season is all about highlighting the very best of what the movie world has to offer. Showing us the type of films that make us sit back and have a good, long hard think about the world we live in. But sometimes we don't want that. Sometimes, we want a movie that doesn't make us think at all. Those Sunday hangover movies that you don't need your brain for, the ones that will pass the time on a long flight, or the ones that are so bad, they are actually good. You need those. The WORLD needs them. And that's what the Razzies are all about. Commemorating the shittest movies around. And fair play to them for it.

This year's nominees are a stellar list of completely awful movies, but, they are the BEST awful movies. Leading the way this year is Grown Ups 2, the comedy starring Adam Sandler and a whole load of other comedians who aren't getting much work in Hollywood.

Adam is a familiar face to the Razzies, having won the Worst Actor award last year for his role in That's my Boy. In 2011, he made Razzie history by getting a whopping ten awards for his cross dressing movie Jack and Jill. Wasn't Adam Sandler promising for a while there, back in the day? Remember The Waterboy, The Wedding Singer and HAPPY bleedin' Gilmore?! He was the most bankable comedy star in Hollywood at the time. I guess, the world just grew out of him.

Other nominees that join Grown Ups 2 on the list are The Hangover Part III, Scary Movie 5, After Earth (that's one with Will Smith and his son), The Lone Ranger, as well as Grudge Match with De Niro and Stallone.

Worst actor is a lot of the usual suspects too. Arnold Scwarzeneger for Escape Plan, Keanu Reeves for 47 Ronin and Ashton Kutcher for Jobs.

Worst actress award nominees include Halle Berry for The Call, Jennifer Lopez for Parker, Lindsay Lohan for The Canyons and sadly, our own Saoirse Ronan for The Host. Don't feel bad Saoirse, Sandra Bullock won once before, and look at her now!


You can find out who the "winners" are on March 1, 2014, the eve before the Oscars!