Brett Ratner has confirmed that he's still on board to direct a fourth Beverly Hills Cop film, with Eddie Murphy to return as Axel Foley.

The director was spewing to MTV about his currently shooting flick, Tower Heist, that co-stars Murphy, Ben Stiller and Casey Affleck, when the station quizzed him on the film. Ratner spewed when asked if he was still on board, "Oh yeah, believe me, I'm all over it." He added that Murphy was being surprisingly cautious about a fourth film, "He's sensitive about it," Ratner explained. "He made two great ones. The third one didn't really work. It's an important film for him. It's a character that's iconic. I don't think he goes anywhere in the world where someone - they're not going, 'Yo, Eddie Murphy,' they're like, 'Yo, Axel Foley!'... It's his Clark Kent. His Darth Vader. His albatross,"

Personally, I just want to see Murphy return to the stage and do some stand up again. He needs to hit the reset button on his career right now. His best role in a decade or two has been voicing a talking donkey. Ratner should know a thing or two about crap third films - his last flick was Rush Hour 3

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