First it was an oppressive and overzealous police force led by Brian Dennehy, then it was the Viet Cong, then it was actual Russians in Afghanistan, and then you had the Burmese military regime - so now it's only right that Rambo should go after the Mexican cartel.

It's been reported that Sylvester Stallone is readying himself for a fifth Rambo and that the film is being shopped in Cannes with a view to production beginning in September. As of now, no director is attached and no casting beyond Stallone has been announced.

There's been rumblings of a fifth Rambo ever since 2008's John Rambo, and early drafts of the script had everyone's favourite Green Beret with PTSD somewhere near the Arctic Circle tracking some kind of alien beast that was causing havoc. That's no longer case as the story this new script follows Rambo, who's been working on a ranch near the US-Mexican border, tracking down the kidnapped daughter of a friend who's been taken by the Mexican cartel.

Original. So basically, think Taken - but with Rambo. Got it.

The working title, per a tweet from Stallone back in 2014, is Last Blood and no release date has been set as of yet, but expect there to be more news on this in the coming weeks as Cannes rolls around.


Via Deadline