The actress can currently be seen in Doctor Strange opposite Benedict Cumberbatch (out in cinemas from today) but she first made a name for herself playing ‘the Queen Bee’, Regina George, in Mean Girls.

It was twelve years ago that the Tina Fey scripted comedy was released, and McAdams says it remains one of the best scripts she has ever come across.

‘It's still one of my favourite scripts I've ever read. I was saying I'll play any part in this please, please, please, so I would love to work with her again.’

Speaking at Doctor Strange's launch in the cloisters at Westminster Abbey in central London, she was asked by the Press Association how likely a Mean Girls reunion would be. McAdams answered: ‘I don't know. It would be exciting.

‘We reunited for a photo shoot a couple of years ago, but I don't know. I would do anything with Tina Fey, so if she's up for it.’

McAdams has previously said that in the sequel, she imagines that Regina in the sequel would have a few kids. She speculated that they would probably be 'mean' babies and that they were 'plotting' in the womb.

There’s also a Mean Girls musical on the way so that will have to tide us over for now.