If there's one thing that can't be taken away from Quentin Tatantino it's that he's left us with so many memorable characters throughout his career. 

Jules Winnfield, The Bride, Calvin Candie, Dr. King Schultz, Mr.Pink. The list goes on. But if you were to press the auteur on naming his number one best creation, he's not shy on naming his favourite child.

“[Hans] Landa is the best character I’ve ever written and maybe the best I ever will write." he told an audience at the Jerusalem Film Festival.  

Landa of course is the Jew Hunter from Inglorious Basterds, gloriously brought to life by Christoph Waltz in a career making performance. 

"I didn’t realize [when I was first writing him] that he was a linguistic genius. He’s probably one of the only Nazis in history who could speak perfect Yiddish.”

Tarantino also backtracked a little on his promise to retire from filmmaking after his tenth film. 

“I am planning to stop at 10 [films],” he revealed, “but at 75, I might decide I have another story to do.”

We reckon he could have a lot more than just one left in the tank at 75. 

Via Uproxx