It's been getting five-star reviews almost unanimously and it's quite possibly the most talked-about Irish film in 2015, so it should come as no surprise that Queen of Ireland did extremely well at this weekend's box office.

The documentary charting the life of Irish drag artist Rory O'Neill / Panti Bliss has racked up an impressive €47,906 in its opening weekend, which puts it in first place as the biggest opening weekend for an Irish documentary. It's also enjoyed the third biggest opening for a documentary, just two places behind Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 and the recent Amy.

Queen of Ireland opened across 23 screens last weekend and has been met with ecstatic reviews by both critics and audiences alike.

It wasn't the only Irish film to score big at the box office this weekend, however. The Colin Farrell / Rachel Weisz-starring dystopian satire, The Lobster, raked in a cool €1,000,000 across the UK and Ireland in its two weeks of release.

In fact, the film is now being moved to a wider release following this success, with many already tapping it for Oscar glory.

Sure aren't we a great bunch altogether, eh?