Quantum of Solace has broken the record for the best ever Bond opening. The new installment in the action series opened with a huge $70 million over the three day period, far out-pacing previous record holder Die Another Day's $47 million bow and Casino Royale's $40 million opening. The huge opening is seen as something of a surprise, as reviews have not been as kind to Solace as they were to the well received Royale. Attention has now turned to who will direct the next Bond, as MGM and Sony try to strike while the iron is hot. Philip Noyce and Roger Donaldson have been linked with the megaphone, but I'd love to see Matthew Vaughn have a bash. He came extremely close to helming Royale, but dropped it for Stardust. Also, he's one of the few British directors who would realistically helm and elevate the series.