Christian Bale has revealed that after a long shoot, production on The Dark Knight Rises has ended.

"I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time I'm taking that cowl off. I believe the whole production wrapped yesterday, so it's all done. Everything's finished. It's me and Chris - that will be the end of that Batman era" said the actor in an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer (via Darkhorizons).

He was also very complimentary about his supporting cast in the film, and in particular Anne Hathaway, who raised some eyebrows when she was cast as Catwoman.

"I’m very impressed when somebody really seems to acquire an ownership of a character without having worked on it or prepared for some amount of time. I saw that in Anne. When Chris watched the screen test, he agreed that Anne did a wonderful job. In many ways, she has the hardest job. There are a number of people who feel that the Catwoman role has been defined previously. So, I always saw Anne’s role as being the toughest job of any of us.”

The film will be released in July of 2012 and is seen by many to be the most anticipated movie in decades. Who’d bet against Chris Nolan delivering again? Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman also star in the blockbuster sequel.