First off, who knew Sesame Street had legal representation?

It's kind of weird knowing that Big Bird, Grover and Oscar The Grouch have a legal team that's out there fighting their cases for them. Anyway, the legal dispute between STX - the producers behind the upcoming adult-tinged muppet comedy 'The Happytime Murders' - and Sesame Workshop - the company behind Sesame Street - has come to an end.

The case originated from a trailer for 'The Happytime Murders' which saw a tagline that read "NO SESAME - ALL STREET", which was the bone of contention for Sesame Workshop. They argued that the tagline would cause parents to think that the movie was of their own making and would damage their public image.

However, as reported by THR, US District Judge Vernon Broderick ruled against them and said that Sesame Workshop had failed to demonstrate confusion from moviegoers over whether or not 'The Happytime Murders' was a Sesame Workshop production. There is, however, a connection between Sesame Workshop and the film.

Brian Henson, the director of 'The Happytime Murders', also directed 'Muppet Christmas Carol', 'Muppet Treasure Island' and if that wasn't enough, his father was the legendary Jim Henson - voice and puppeteer for Kermit and one of the original creators of Sesame Street.

'The Happytime Murders' arrives in Irish cinemas on August 17th.