It's one of the most sought after roles in film, so who should get it?

Daniel Craig has left some big boots to fill from his stint as Bond, and ever since he announced he was leaving the role it seems like every British/Irish actor's name is thrown out to be his replacement. Firm favourites with the bookies are War & Peace actor James Norton, Taylor Swift's ex  The Night Manager star Tom Hiddlestone and Idris Elba. But huge Irish stars Michael Fassbender and Cillian Murphy have also been suggested (see why we think Cillian shouldn't get it here). We've whittled down the names to what seems to be the most likely candidates, but if headlines are anything to go by your Dad could be in with a chance too.

Tell us below who you think should get it, or if you think someone completely different would be perfect for the role, let us know in the comments.