Earlier today we posted the trailer for the TV movie remake of Dirty Dancing. We expected a drop in quality from a cinematic release to a TV film, but it's really not good.

In the era of remakes, nothing is sacred. Cinematic classics like Ben-Hur, and childhood staples such as Jumanji and Beauty and the Beast, have all been given the remake treatments to varying degrees of success. Last year the live action remake of The Jungle Book proved a huge financial and critical success, while Ghostbusters and Ben-Hur both made losses.

The remake trend is not going end anytime soon, with Jumanji and Baywatch due out later this year, and remakes of Mary Poppins, Mulan, Aladdin and The Lion King in production.

When remaking a film, filmmakers have to strike a delicate balance. They have new technologies at their disposal, but they don't want to ruin the magic of the original. They want to please fans of the original, but they need to make enough changes to make the new film their own.

So we want to ask you, if you could save one film from being remade, what would you pick? What's one film that you would put on a list and legally protect from ever being updated?

We've put together a few suggestions, but if want to suggest something else leave a comment below: