It's been reported at that sketch comedian duo Keegan-Michael-Key and Jordan Peele, otherwise known as Key & Peele, will be producing the Police Academy reboot. Although there's no official word yet that they're starring in the film, we're guessing they're not involved for the good of their health.

The comedy duo, who've been steadily gaining popularity with their unique sketch show on Comedy Central, have signed on to produce the new iteration of the much-loved comedy franchise.

Steve Guttenberg, Michael Winslow and the remaining cast members haven't been contacted as yet, but they're missing a trick if they did. Guttenberg's old enough to play Lassard. Lassard was the principal in charge of the Academy who... well, this clip below shows you what we're talking about. We didn't get this when we were kids.

It only dawned on us when we sat down to write this.