When most people talk about comic books and money, we assume it's to do with the rights to turn said comics into multi-million blockbusters.

But what about actual, physical comics? Believe it or not, there's a cottage industry that's sprung up in recent years where speculators and investors trade in comics for pretty big sums of money. Robbie Glick of ComicBooks.ie is one such collector / investor. His website, ComicBooks.ie, offers expert advice on collecting, investing and grading the quality of comics for investment.

Some of the figures Robbie quoted to us were pretty insane, with one comic sold for €10,000. Comics, as Robbie describes in our podcast, are graded in terms of the physical quality by an internationally-recognised rating system that's been developed by several companies down through the years.

It's fascinating stuff and really show does the depth of knowledge and investment that goes into comics.

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