Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with writer/director Rian Johnson over the phone from NYC; without doubt a highlight of my time here so far at One of the most friendly and obliging men in the film-making industry, you'll be familiar with Rian's work on lower budget flicks like Brick, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well as his most recent and widely lauded sci-fi blockbuster, Looper, also starring the JGL. You can read our 4 star review of Looper, a flick we feel deserves the title of Best Idea for a Movie 2012, here. We had great chats about his and JGL's collaborative process, the challenges faced when working with the notoriously messy notion of time travel, how much fun himself, Joe and Bruce Willis had on set and much much more. What I also spoke with Rian about was all those Batman rumours; will he helm a post-Nolan Batman reboot with his shining star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as the titiular knight in blackened armour? Or will this creative duo team up nexy for a musical? Listen to our chat here to find out.