While method acting certainly has its merits, it looks like it can have serious drawbacks too. Such as helping you ruin audition for other roles. 

Charlie Cox was invited for a super secretive audition for an unnamed blockbuster but reckons he ruined it because he couldn't make eye contact with the casting director. 

“I had gone to an audition — one of those things that are super secretive and they don’t tell you, but I’m pretty sure it was for the Han Solo reboot— and halfway through it, the casting director stopped me and said, ‘Why aren’t you looking at me?’”

“I realised I had gotten into a habit of not making eye contact, because the only thing I had done for two years is play someone who is blind. I never got invited back, probably because they couldn’t figure out why I was acting like a complete idiot.”

That's unfortunate for Cox but at least he's reassured fans that he's very much committed to the role of Matt Murdoch for the foreseeable future. As for Han Solo? Alden Ehrenreich will fill the boots made famous by Harrison Ford when the movie rolls into cinemas in 2018. 

Via The Independent UK