Quentin Tarantino and his giant head have finally began moving towards production on his highly anticipated World War 2 movie Inglorious Bastards, and none other than Brad Pitt is being heavily linked to star. A script has gone out to all the studio heads in Hollywood, with a bidding war expected to start soon. Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth have all been mooted to star at some point, with Tarantino so far not confirming anyone. There have also been rumbles that he may turn it into two films, as Kill Bill was a few years back. That resulted in double the box office, but the first one was a lot better than the second one. The two film idea is a gimmick, and it didn’t save Grindhouse; I think moviegoers will be annoyed by having to go again twice, for a film that’s not a sequel. Thoughts?