Some of the stuff on the internet that finds popularity is questionable at best.

Logan Paul, for example. This video of Detective Pikachu dancing happily to '80s power-pop on a loop, however, isn't questionable at all. Of course this viral marketing stunt for 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' passed 10 million views on YouTube in one day. If anything, it should have done 20 million views. Hell, 30 million views wouldn't surprise us.

Look how disgustingly cute this little guy is. He's just dancing his little heart out to a rocking synth beat with some very cool neon in the background. It's wholesome content that anyone with two ears and eyes can enjoy, and it's freely available. If only all content on YouTube was this wholesome and enjoyable, the world would be a far better place for everyone.

Just look at him. He's so insanely adorable. It even made it onto YouTube's trending chart as well.