Although we haven't put together our preview for 2017, you can rest assured that War For The Planet Of The Apes is definitely going to feature in it.

Matt Reeves' dark, intelligent Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was one of the highlights of 2014 and Andy Serkis' portrayal of the Ape leader, Caesar, was seen as a benchmark for motion-capture acting in films. War For The Planet Of The Apes is set a number of years after Dawn and sees a clash between humans, led by Woody Harrelson, and the apes, led by Andy Serkis.

According to Serkis in a recent interview with USA Today, Caesar is going to be in a much more extreme place as "the losses of the apes on his side drive him to a really dark place."

Serkis went on, explaining that Caesar and the human Colonel eventually cross paths. "(There's) also bizarrely a kind of respect and understanding from both sides... It’s understanding the condition of the other person, what they’re having to suffer through and what they’re trying to protect."

As Reeves explains it, Harrelson's character is trying "to create a world where things can be gentle again - but the journey he takes you on is chilling."

War For The Planet Of The Apes is slated for an Irish release date of July 14th, 2017.