Mad Max: Fury Road, as we know, rightfully won the Oscar for Best Costume Design and its impact is already being felt in popular culture.

A recent graduation ceremony in Japan's Tama Art University got more than a little post-apocalyptic when a number of students arrived in cosplay mode. That's not that weird as cosplay's a big deal in Japan, but what it is a big deal is that they arrived with AN ACTUAL WAR PARTY WITH A FLAMING GUITAR PLAYER GUY.

Yes, they basically recreated Immortan Joe's cavalcade of carnage from Mad Max: Fury Road, right down to the weird teeth-mask thing he wears and the contingent of War Boys carrying them along.

Don't believe us? WWWWITTTNNNESSSS





That takes a huge amount of skill and determination to pull that off. They will all ride shiny and chrome to Valhalla / the afters for their Graduation.


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