Now The Force Awakens has been released and has conquered the box office, we're starting to see a bit of information come out from behind the scenes.

These photos cropped up on Imgur from an actual crewmember's Instagram and showing just how much practical effects went into the film.

It's a real treat, especially when you consider just how much CGI was used in the prequel trilogies and blockbusters of this kind.

Take a look.

That's the Millennium Falcon's cockpit on an actual gib that made it move.


This looks like the opening sequence, right before Kylo Ren steps on the scene.


The forest on Starkiller Base was built on a set in Pinewood Studios where the original trilogy was filmed as well.


Meanwhile, RAF's Greenham Common doubled for the Resistance's base.


Meanwhile, as we know, Skellig Michael doubled for the hiding place of Luke Skywalker and the site of the first Jedi Temple.


A full-size Millennium Falcon was built in Pinewood Studios, complete with hiding compartments (maybe not).


Useless trivia: If there's a V on the clapper, that means it's a visual effect shot.


The simplest ways are always the best.




Via Imgur