If you've been following Moustache-Gate - that's the unofficial term for the debacle surrounding Henry Cavill's horrifically CGI'd face in Justice League that was done to cover up his moustache for Mission: Impossible 6 - you'll know that it's a sore spot for fans of the DCEU.

But, while it may have looked slightly ridiculous on screen, at least director Zack Snyder isn't above making jokes about the whole thing. On new social media platform Vero, Snyder - who incidentally was an early adopter of Vero - posted an image of himself bearded.

Here's said image.

In the comments, some smart-ass made this comment, referencing Moustache-Gate.

Snyder hits back with...

If we were wearing tinfoil hats and prone to spouting conspiracy theories - which we're not above doing, to be honest - this could be interpreted as a sign that Snyder wasn't exactly a fan of the finished product in Justice League.

As has been previously reported, Snyder's supposed three-hour cut of Justice League was - to quote several sources - "unwatchable", so it may just be sour grapes on his part. Or, y'know, it could just be him making fun of CGI hair removal and how it never works.

Who knows.


Via Vero