It seems like The Rock is determined to be in every film going nowadays and, to be honest, that's no bad thing.

The amount of charisma he brings to bear on every role he takes on is huge and, not only that, he really does seem to enjoy himself on every film. Fast & Furious 8's production is well underway, with the first few images making their way online. However, The Rock's character, Agent Hobbs, has been missing - until now.

Looks pretty badass, right? From the blurb underneath the image, it looks like The Rock's character is going in a much more darker, grittier direction which is no bad thing. Sure, we get how loveable The Rock is - but what we really want to see is him is knocking twelve shades of shit out of people like there's no tomorrow.

There's been rumours for quite a while that Hobbs would be spun-off into his own franchise and, going by this, it looks like this may be the case.

Fast & Furious 8 is scheduled for an April 2017 release worldwide.


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