It’s been delayed a few times but Venom, the highly anticipated spin-off to Spider-Man from Sony, has at last entered production.

The movie stars Tom Hardy in the titular role, alongside Jenny Slate, Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams. It is being directed by Ruben Fleischer, whose credits include Zombieland, Gangster Squad and 30 Minutes or Less.

The film’s official Twitter account shared a photo of Hardy today with the caption ‘Day 1’. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t reveal much other than the actor looking quite pleased while the team around him is busy at work.


Venom will see Hardy play Eddie Brock, who in the Marvel comics was a journalist and acquaintance of Peter Parker. He becomes host to an alien parasite which transforms him into Venom. The character previously featured in Spider-Man 3, when he was played by Topher Grace.

The new movie is due to hit cinemas in October 2018.