The 1995 adventure film starred the late, great Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt.

Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce played Judy and Peter Shepherd in the movie, two children who unwittingly start playing a board game called Jumanji, which will throw their lives and hometown into jeopardy.


While we of course are well aware of how well Dunst did after Jumanji, you may be curious of what happened to her on-screen brother.

Pierce, like Dunst, was a child actor and during the 90s, he also starred in The Borrowers and provided the voice of Chip in the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.


He was 13 in Jumanji and here’s what he looks like now, aged 34:

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When talk of a Jumanji remake emerged two years ago, Pierce expressed unhappiness of the project going ahead without Williams (though clearly, it went ahead anyway):


Over the years, Pierce has been involved in mostly voice acting, animation and video games, lending his voice to The Wild Thornberrys, Sonic the Hedgehog, Return to Neverland, The Cat Returns, Porco Rosso, and Kingdom Hearts II to name just some of his credits.

He also had a guest star role in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and now plays the lead in a new TV series called Deacon.