You may be already familiar with The Foreigner, an upcoming action movie starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan as Not Gerry Adams, a Northern Irish politician who Chan's character believes is directly responsible for his daughter's death.

Like all good action movies, Chan's character is hiding a secret that'll help him his daughter. In this case, he's actually a former Vietcong assassin who left his violent past behind to open up a takeaway restaurant in London.

So, the trailer was pretty gosh darn nuts and featured Brosnan, again not playing Gerry Adams in any way shape or form, with a very strong Norn Iron accent. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, take a look here.

Now, on to the poster. Scroll down and just... let it wash over you a couple of times.

If this poster is to scale and it's really about a gigantic Pierce Brosnan chasing Jackie Chan through a burning version of London, then you can cancel the Oscars right now and just award them all to this film.

No Irish release date has been confirmed for The Foreigner.