When you think about Forrest Gump it's almost always Tom Hanks' face that comes to mind. It's very easy to forget that another actor played the role for a small section of the film. 

In fact it's arguably Michael Conner Humphreys, who played the young Forrest Gump, that first makes us fall in love with the character. After all, it is him on screen when we first hear the words "Run, Forrest. Run!"

Humphreys was eight years old during the filming of Forrest Gump and here's what he looks like now.

Hasn't changed at all right? That photo was taken in 2014 when Humphreys took part in a 10km charity run. Before you ask, yes, apparently onlookers did cheer him on with chants of "Run, Forrest. Run."

During the filming of the 1994 Oscar winning classic, Humphreys got to meet members of the Marine Corp who provided the helicopters for the Vietnam scenes. The experience made a huge impression on the young Humphreys and he went on to join the US Army in 2004, doing an 18 month tour of duty in Iraq. Unsurprisingly, his nickname while in the Army was 'Gump'. 

He left the army in 2008 to study 'International Relations' at the University of North Alabama. In 2011 he returned to acting with a role in the little seen film Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers

Via Metro