In our minds, there's only CJ Parker and it's Pamela Anderson.

Evenings of a Saturday, before Gladiators, was Baywatch time. Who doesn't know the lyrics off by heart or the lineup, for that matter? We've still got mixed feelings about this new Baywatch reboot, although we're big fans of The Rock and crappy '90s TV shows.

Not only that, you've also got David Hasselhoff turning up for a cameo, despite the fact that Dwayne Johnson is taking over the role of Lt. Mitch Buchannon. So, who'll be playing our beloved CJ Parker? Kelly Rohrbach, who'll be starring in her first feature film as CJ Parker.

The actress / model posted this on Instagram yesterday, showcasing the new swimsuit and striking a pose alongside Dwayne Johnson.


According to reports, the Baywatch reboot is working off a similar blueprint to 21 Jump Street. Essentially, that means it's going to R-rated and most definitely take ever-loving piss out of Baywatch and everyone in it. In fairness, it's the only way to approach it.



Via Instagram