Because that headline makes complete and utter sense. Yes, absolute sense.

Now that filming is wrapped for Suicide Squad, the inevitable promotion campaign begins in earnest with little snippets from the set making their way online. Not only that, the cast themselves are wont to give one another parting gifts and quirky little reminders of their time on set.

The cast of Lord of the Rings, for example, all got an Elvish tattoo to remind one another of the time they spent together on set. It would seem that Suicide Squad is doing something similar - except it's just Margot Robbie and Cara Delevigne and they're tattooing each other's feet.



That's cool and all, but we sorta need to know what they tattooed on each other. Our money's on a lifelike image of Michael Keaton looking dismayed and unapprovingly at them because Suicide Squad's all about them DC villains. And Michael Keaton, as we know, was Batman. It could be Adam West, too.

If you know somebody who has an Adam West tattoo, please get in touch with us because we want to buy that person a drink.


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