It's sort of impossible to think of anyone else playing Han Solo, but in a little over a year - May 25th of next year, to be precise - Alden Ehrenreich will take on the role that gave Harrison Ford is his career.

Although he may not be instantly familiar to audiences, Ehrenreich's been slowly but surely building up a strong filmography and had a breakout role in the Coen Brothers' caper comedy Hail, Caesar!, where he played a happy-go-lucky Western actor who's inexplicably thrown into a Douglas Sirk-esque drama with Ralph Fiennes. In one, small scene, Ehrenreich pretty much made the film.

Anyway, he's moved on to meatier roles and set photos have surfaced online which give our first indication of what Ehrenreich looks like as young Han Solo.

Take a look.

You squint your eyes just right and it's really, really close to Harrison Ford circa 1977. The bouffant hair and that kind of looking-into-the-sun resting face are all very Ford, but it's not enough to get the physical aspects down - you've also got to get the mannerisms and the character right, too.

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Via TMZ / Twitter