As Avengers: Infinity War ramps up the promotional campaign, the latest trailer has racked up - wait for it - 43,000,000 views on YouTube in the space of four days.

That's 43 million views. And it's the top trending video on YouTube too. While Josh Brolin's character, Thanos, was the focus of the action throughout, we did clock one character in the trailer that's none other than our very own Tom Vaughn-Lawlor. As reported some time ago and subsequently confirmed (up to a point because of NDAs) by the man himself, the Love/Hate star is appearing in Avengers: Infinity War.

His character, we know from on-set footage, is Ebony Maw - one of Thanos' top lieutenants and gets into a pretty serious fight with Doctor Strange. If you skim through the trailer, you'll see 'oul Nidgey in there.

Here's the trailer, for reference.

Computer, freeze-frame at 1:38 minutes and ENHANCE.

Our guess is his runners didn't have KING NIDGE written on them, but still - pretty cool to see Irish acting talent turn up in what will probably be the highest-grossing movie of 2018. He won't be the only Irish actor in there, either. Kerry Condon has a voice role as F.R.I.D.A.Y, Iron Man's AI assistant.

All we need now is for Saoirse Ronan to get in there somewhere and we're set. Maybe Emma Frost in the eventual X-Men reboot? Who knows.


Via YouTube